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Original Cupra lettering for the front grille in your choice of paint finish with click system

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Original Cupra lettering elaborately repainted in your choice of paint (original Seat part, OEM) combined with PP3D click system for the front grille:

Suitable for vehicles (please select):

Seat Leon Cupra 5F Facelift (MK3 facelift)

Seat Leon Cupra 5F prefacelift (MK3 prefacelift)

Seat Leon Cupra 1P facelift only (MK2 facelift)

Colour of the lettering plate available in standard black matt or against surcharge in black glossy(pleaseselect )

Colour of lettering (please select)

Desired painting in other color please inquire via email!

Assembly instructions:


5F MK3

1P MK2 Facelift

English: 5F MK3

5F MK3

1P MK2 Facelift


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